Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

A good day

Knight woke me up this morning, and we even got to shower together.

T spent the night with Tigger last night, which means omelets for breakfast. T loves my omelets, so it's a sort of standing offer. :) Plain cheese omelet for T, ham and cheese loaf omelet for Critter, a spam sandwich for Tigger, and a "garbage" omelet for Knight to share with me: garlic, onion, ham & cheese loaf, potato and cashews, with colby jack cheese. My tummy's better.

We tackled the crossword together today. It was tough, but yielded itself eventually. Would have been easier if I'd ever actually read Ulysses. :)

I was late leaving to meet Spydie for the movie, but made it out of the door in almost the nick of time. On my way there, I got to chat with Envoy for a bit, which was quite fun. I'd forgotten how much his voice cheers me. Like my Cinder, only a boy-voice instead of a girl-voice.

Walking from the parking garage to the theatre, I met up with parents of Critter's first girlfriend. They were very close friends from pre-kindergarten through third or fourth grade, before they started drifting apart.

Neither Spydie nor I had seen Double Indemnity; it was fun. After the movies, we walked and talked, and sat and talked, and it was really good to reconnect.

I called in to work and found out I didn't have any, so I called home on my way home. I told Flar he had first dibs on me for tonight. We sat in the office and talked for a bit, until I attracted him downstairs with the lure of food. He had eggrolls and I had leftover King Ranch Chicken, followed up by some of the chocolate cake that Woobiewooster gave us. Then we sat and planned a shopping list, on our comfortably full tummies. :)

Flar suggested that I take a bubblebath, because I've been complaining of a sore neck. Before that thought, I got a list of what to get done tomorrow: Fold and put away all the clean laundry; wash at least one more load; shop for the three pages of groceries we thought up.

Stuff that didn't make my list? Print out a bunch of checks and mail them, call for an eye appointment for Tigger, immunization records from the doctor, try the high school again, get hold of a shopping list for Critter's school supplies, buy the book Tigger hasn't read yet, change the sheets in the bedroom....

And tomorrow's a work night.

I'll be happy if I get the short list done, and mail out bills.

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