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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Feeling meme-y today
Anime-me meme
Got this from beeeej:
  1. Explain the origin of your LJ username.
  2. If it wasn't your first choice (i.e., your first choice was already taken), what was?
  3. If it was your first choice, what would have been your second if your first was already taken?

My Answers:
  1. Wolf called me "Little One"
  2. Littleone was taken, so I looked around for synonyms, and came across "Minikin"
  3. n/a

Minikin is the first ID I've had that's completely unconnected to my name. I sometimes append it to words the way I append the shortest version of my own name, when I talk. Happy-kin, Sad-kin, silly-kin, etc. Recently, someone (maybe woobiewooster?) called me "Mini" in a comment. My maternal grandmother's name was Minnie, so I think it's kinda cool.

Like my LJ name. Eventually, I expect to request a car plate with MINKIN on it, on MINIKN. My current car is named SYSDEB. We only use six letters in Kentucky.

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Yep, it was me who called you mini. : )

My first choice was woobiewoobster, this is a nickname that hubby has called me for the longest time. About a second choice, that's a tough one, not sure what it would have been.....

mmmm. an idea forms.

I'm happy with keeping minikin, for the reasons I wrote about, but I'm not so keen on "Little One" anymore, for various reasons.

So I've changed the name in my journal to one based on an old nickname my dad, and now Flar, uses for me.

Gotta see if I can find a suitable icon for it.

I haven't found an icon I like for "Doodle Bug" yet, but when I was nosing around, I found out some fun stuff.

One of the definitions of Doodle Bug is an Ant Lion, and the adult form of the insect looks a bit like a dragonfly.

One of the other definitions of Doodle Bug is "a small jet-propelled winged missile that carries a bomb" or V-1.

When applied to people, it generally refers to doodling, or other "pointless" art.

Maybe I'll find a pretty picture of an adult Ant Lion for an icon.

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