Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

Online in North Little Rock

And all tuckered out.

We arrived in our room around 5:30. Just a little later than I'd expected, due to a slight detour around construction traffic heading into Little Rock.

woobiewooster came to the hotel with her son, followed shortly by pamoola and two of her daughters. The pool was otherwise empty, so it was wonderful to have company for the kids.

It was neat to meet new people and get a chance to just chat.

woobiewooster asked me about being poly and a mother of two and just staying so busy and stuff and I've thought of so much I guess I just need to soliloquize about it later. ;) I felt like talking about how poorly I seem to be doing lately, but no. Yes, there was a very significant part of my life that just changed dramatically, and not how I would have chosen.

But, i couldn't have gotten through as far as I have, without the tremendous support I've gotten from Flar, and Knight and Belmikey and Turnip. Who called while I was on the road, by the way. Turnip, that it. He was peeling shrimp and thought of me. Private story, but it brought a smile to my face. :)

Cutting this entry short -- we're moving rooms, because there were ants in the bedside table. Will catch up on reading LJ and then sack out.
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