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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Online in North Little Rock
And all tuckered out.

We arrived in our room around 5:30. Just a little later than I'd expected, due to a slight detour around construction traffic heading into Little Rock.

woobiewooster came to the hotel with her son, followed shortly by pamoola and two of her daughters. The pool was otherwise empty, so it was wonderful to have company for the kids.

It was neat to meet new people and get a chance to just chat.

woobiewooster asked me about being poly and a mother of two and just staying so busy and stuff and I've thought of so much I guess I just need to soliloquize about it later. ;) I felt like talking about how poorly I seem to be doing lately, but no. Yes, there was a very significant part of my life that just changed dramatically, and not how I would have chosen.

But, i couldn't have gotten through as far as I have, without the tremendous support I've gotten from Flar, and Knight and Belmikey and Turnip. Who called while I was on the road, by the way. Turnip, that it. He was peeling shrimp and thought of me. Private story, but it brought a smile to my face. :)

Cutting this entry short -- we're moving rooms, because there were ants in the bedside table. Will catch up on reading LJ and then sack out.

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Had a great time meeting you and the boys, thanks for the invite and the pizza. I hope I didn't make you uncomfortable asking about poly, its just that the whole poly thing is a bit fascinating(?) to me since I'd never heard of it before LJ. Don't be hard on yourself, life is way to short to keep score, remember we're our own worse critic and we need to cut ourselves some slack every now and then.

Also, I know you've been through a rough patch lately and I really wasn't sure if you'd be up to talking about that so pardon me not asking.

Take care and drive carefully!!! : )


It's far too fresh right now, you're right.

Not talking about it at all is about what I was comfortable with, especially since pamoola is on Sydb's friends list, and I don't know what she's been writing about all of this since last weekend. I really didn't want to make Pamoola feel like she was in the middle somehow. So, I didn't talk about them at all.

But the thing is, it's apparently not just a rough patch, which I think of something that you know, gets better. Wolf told me it was over, Sydb said she wanted to still be friends, but I couldn't handle it. No seriously, it's not like she did anything wrong -- I just couldn't handle talking to Sydb and everything being different. So it's completely over, and I've no idea when we'll even really be able to talk to each other without me wanting to break down and cry, which isn't healthy for any of us.

You asked me about jealousy, and I really gave a weasly answer. Because I've *had* jealousy, and I've acted horribly immaturely because of it. So, my weasly answer was accurate, but not complete. Jealousy, when I've experienced it (the part I didn't own up to), was about insecurity about my own place.

The drive home was safe, and much faster than I expected -- we took about 8 hours to get here, never exceeding the speed limit by more than 8 mph.

Gotcha, completely understand. I would imagine its a sense of mourning knowing it is over w/o any real 'finalization', you've not been able to have any rebuttal about the whole thing. I feel for you, I can't relate but I do feel for you nonetheless.

Glad ya'll made it home safely and quickly. Its not too bad of a drive from here to Louisville...just a bit boring. : )

might be confused, there.

They live in Louisville.

We live in Nicholasville, south of Lexington.

Both L words.

Going to Louisville tomorrow though, to go to Six Flags.

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