Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

On the road again

Staying at Best Western in Denton TX. We had lunch at IHOP in Waco, and saw an old friend. The last time she saw me, I was not much older than Critter is now. She kindly said I haven't changed a bit. (I guess the 80 pounds between the years don't blur my inner good charms. ;)

After lunch, we toured the Dr. Pepper Museum. The only pictures that I took on this vacation. I was quite impressed with the place, and Mom generously bought out the gift shop for us. (Okay, not quite, but she got us cool stuff.)

We got to the hotel by 4:45pm and called Critter's friend. We drove over there to see all the changes since we drove through two weeks ago, and then brought them back here to swim. I swam more than 10 laps - but the pool is smaller than Mom's neighborhood pool. I'm feeling the workout today more than earlier, though. Maybe it's because we didn't go to the pool yesterday.

T's mom treated us to dinner, and then we headed back to the hotel. I'm done using Critter's i-Book to read email and LJ, and now will like get a page read before getting to sleepy to continue.

Tomorrow, we drive to Little Rock.


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