Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

Maybe the drugs are kicking in?

I already posted about waking up in a much better mood.

Little things aren't getting to me. Like Mom driving to the wrong movie theatre, which really bothered her.

It's a bit hard to make someone so big a part of your life for six years, and not keep runninig into reminders.

I sleep with the bear he gave me. Still sleeping with it.

Finally, after much struggling, got the teeny tiny split-ring off the hook-ring, in order to put away the key-chain I made from the letters he used to send me. Was part of the Ds relationship; putting that away.

Gave back my collar. Regret that. Would prefer to put it away as well, but also don't want to ask for it back.

Have a necklace to return; while it was mine to wear, I re-strung it. It's needed re-stringing again for some time now; would prefer to send it in pieces but don't want to send the wrong message. I may ask another to re-string it and return it for me. I dunno. Sending back the beads and pendant and clasp apart seems like a very harsh message, and not my intention.

But the clincher for why I suspect the drugs?

Sydb wrote about them getting haircuts yesterday. She wrote about the stylist: "She also gave Wolf a lot of guff about cutting his hair, wondering if his wife was going to come after her for cutting it all off."

I'm not vengeful, so the answer still would have been no. But when we were still together this would have hurt a lot.


It didn't.

It's gotta be the drugs.

And, not going to relent to the progesterone: Only having one piece of pizza.

Pizza is evil.

I did swim six laps today. Then sat in a cool movie theatre, watching Two Brothers. Then I cleaned out the car, looking for a lost check that was in fact in my purse all along. I think I'm cooler than when I was warm, but the car-search certainly undid some of the water wet goodness.

Gonna watch Matrix Revolutions now.

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