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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Happy today -- should write about the good times, too.
I woke up optimistic and cuddly and happy this morning.

My bible reading was Acts 14. It's all about Paul and Barnabas bringing Christ's message to the gentiles, and being persecuted, and persevering, and performing miracles. As a personal message, it seemed like one of encouragement and optimism.

My prayers are filled with others. So many of my friends hurting or anxious or going through difficult times. Want comfort for so many people.

And, hee hee, tickly feet - Mom's pom is licking my toes right now. :)

I didn't wake up with tears this morning.

I didn't wake up with anger or dismay or self-recriminiation or any of the bad stuff.

Gonna hang on to a good mood while it's here.

We're thinking of
  • Getting the station wagon checked over for the return trip home
  • Watching Two Brothers
  • Swimming
  • Vegging -- it's vacation, remember!

oh, and I'm having a boinky, sproingy, bouncy hair day.

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Nice to hear you're happy. Hope it's a wonderful summer day.

Nope. It's quite sunny, in fact.

I like thunderstormy, rainy days. :)

Too much sunlight withers something inside my head.

Combined with swimming, it just induces sleepiness, but without the water, I just feel drained and icky when I get back home.

Today's errands will not involve too much sun, though.

Yummy dark movie goodness. :)

I don't know what was with my eyes, but when I read "Mom's pom", I thought it read "Mom's porn".

Glad you are having a good day.

Well, rn and m do look a lot alike in some fonts...

hee hee hee.

I'm glad I'm having a good day, too.

Going out now. RAVENOUS!

Two Brothers was an excellent movie - I highly recommend it! :)

Yay for a "boinky, sproingy, bouncy hair day". My hair doesn't bounce, unless I put it in a ponytail. Ah well... maybe that'll be my next hair experiment. ;)

I'm going to have to wash mine, soon (itchy scalp), and I may put it into pigtails after that. :)

I'm glad you're having a happy day! I hope it continues for you - huggles!

*huggles* to you.

love you. :)

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