Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

been munching

and i had this idle thought.

Googled progesterone and appetite.


Progesterone can be used to treat appetite loss.


Oh well, I'm only taking the stuff 10 days a month. Better watch myself, though.

Swam four whole laps tonight. Considering that last night I ended up sitting in the chaise lounge and reading instead of any swimming, this is an improvement. But, I was *choke*gasp*wheeze* outside in the sunlight awhile, playing with the goats. Today I stayed inside and ate sugar cookies. And three helpings of dinner. Which recipe we shall acquire. yummmm

Monday, I didn't swim that much at Schlitterbahn, spending most of my wet time in the lazy river, but I *did* hike all the way to the other end of the park for the one ride we took.

For my kind of vacations, I'd say I'm get more than the usual amount of exercise.

One thing I've learned, though. My earplug works better for swimming than it does for showering. So I've asked Flar to see about how I can swim with him at the club.

Woke up quite despondent, shed enough of it into writing, so that was a good call. I briefly flirted with being angry, as a much more I don't know, *active* emotion, but I can't BE angry. Closest I can come is frustration, more so with myself than anyone.

Swimming was good and bad for emotions. Got some of the physical exertion feelings of high scale tantrums out of my system. Need more, though.

mmm. sleepy. maybe i won't need a movie, after all.

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