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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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(no subject)
hard words tonight.

can't write yet, too fresh.

can't sleep, too weepy.

not enough words in other people's journals, dammit.

life was safer when my parents didn't have online access to provide for me.



hell with that.

it is SO annoying that I don't get the nifty drowsy making side effect from Lexapro.

Heh. Tomorrow I start 10 days of progesterone, and that's supposed to have a drowsy side effect, too. Maybe I'll be able to sleep when normal people sleep.

Ages ago, Turnip lent me (gave me? gotta check with him) Gardens of the Moon, and I've finally started reading it. Engaging. Needed that. Could use something light thought, like a good Esther Friesner comedy.

Gonna try for sleep again.

After a couple of rounds of Solitaire.

just a couple.

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I've got several days off in a row; I'll try to keep the chat client up when I'm at the computer as much as possible if you need somebody else to talk to. (I tried when I saw your message, 20 minutes later, but you weren't logged in, and it felt way too late to call a house full of children.) Big bear hugs, dear one, and I hope this finds you closer to balanced and centered.

You might even have caught me *gasp* sleeping.

I'll remember to look for you online. I just added your nick to my AOL buddies list, which will make it easier to find you. ;)


Sadly, her most recent offering is not a comedy and "Turn the Other Chick" isn't due out till november.

I know it's kind of banal and lacking in true contributive content, however I do still feel compelled to say in this instance:


I'm sorry sweetie, things like that are never easy. *Hug*

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