Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

Online in Texas

It's official. Either my aerocard driver or my netgear card sucks at WEP with non-netgear routers. Not being able to get on my parents' network (linksys) confirms that it's my machine, not Wolf's router.

So I'm in the dining room with a 50' ethernet cable that isn't quite long enough to reach the bedroom where I'm sleeping.

Still vibrating from the road. We drove from Denton today. Too much time on the road, in the sun. My eyes are tired from all the sunlight -- and yes, I use sunglasses, polarized, even. My body is wired from a big fat TWELVE ounces of caffeinated soda today. My head is about to burst from the inside.

Mommy went out and bought Pappasito's for me and the boys for dinner. I ate twice as much as my tummy told me to -- salt appears to be an anecdote for low appetite. I'm planning to humor the low appetite as much as possible though, to take advantage.

Mommy took Tigger to the pool, but I wasn't up for walking just yet. Too agitated.

Haven't read a lick of LJ since Thursday. Got some text messages - thanks! - read my email.

Gonna go see about making up my bed now.


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