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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Granny died this morning.

She celebrated her 108th birthday on June 11.

When Granny was born, Grover Cleveland was president of the US; Queen Victoria ruled England, and Marquess of Salisbury was Prime Minister.

When Granny was born, automobiles were still a fancy hobby for the eccentric rich, and ran on steam or electricity.

Granny was born twenty years after Bell needed Watson to "come here," two years before the invention of the typewriter, five years before Marconi received the letter "S" via radio transmission, 31 years before Philo Farnsworth rotated that little black line, 32 years before sliced bread, and 49 years before the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator was built in Philadelphia.

When Granny was teething, it was the custom to soothe a baby's gums with snuff. When Granny was six, she turned down the offer of a baby doll to give up her tobacco, and she dipped snuff until she moved into the nursing home, a little over two years ago.

She married twice and bore one child.

She taught me how to embroider.

I inherited her weak eyes and her love of reading.

She once said that she thought God had forgotten her. This morning, he remembered.

This was my Granny.

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*hugs for you and good thoughts for Granny*

*hugs* That was a good memorial for her.

Thank you for sharing her with us. Sending you loving thoughts and virtual hugs.

Oddly, Minnie Mae was her daughter. I usually use 'kin when I shorten, it fits in some of the phrases I put my real name that way. Never thought of Mini...

Well leave it to me to shed light on something, hopefully it was a good light. :) Have a nice and safe trip to TX.

Heartfelt condolences......


God bless you. I still miss mine...*sympathies*

I'm sorry sweetie! I can't bring myself to just say 'I hope you'll be there in time for the service'; because I would personally *much* remember someone as alive than have my last vision of them be in a coffin. But maybe that's just me - if you want to make it there in time, I hope you do!
Drive carefully, and have a safe trip back - love you.

Re: huggles for you

There will be a memorial service for her while we are in Texas. I'm to help Mom plan it after we get there. Her body will be buried in Georgia; I don't know if there will be a viewing or anything like that.

I'm bringing Christopher's cornet, in case he wants to play Taps for her.

is that for her 'service' in the war? :) Or are you not the type of family that would talk about that at a service? (We're crass...and tacky)
Are you on the road already?


*hugs* My condolences, dear.

*hugs* My sympathies. *hugs*

That was a wonderful post. I'm glad I got the chance to meet her once, back when she was still getting her kicks reading Harlequin romances. ;)

*Hugs* and condolences.

Chocolates are so appropriate. She had such a sweet tooth.

Mom wants me to help her go through Granny's things. Maybe I'll bring back her smut collection and read my way through the summer. See about staving off that 3% chance of anorgasmia... ;)

I agree that was a very good post. Her life spanned over so much history! It's never easy to lose someone....peace to your heart...


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