Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

Father's Day

We let Flar sleep until 11, before fixing him breakfast in bed. Orange sweet rolls, milk, orange juice, and I also fixed cheese eggs for Critter and me. Breakfast in bed is served with the paper. And we got Flar to open his wrapped present, a throw-pillow.

Flar and I read our Dan Brown novels in bed, and the boys variously hung out with us in the bedroom (on the foot of the bed, or in the recliner) and did their own thing, elsewhere in the house.

Flar read and napped off and on during the day. I finished Deception Point, because I'm incapable of putting down a Dan Brown book. We snacked for lunch, and then took Flar out for Thai food for dinner. Before we went out, Flar and I each called our father. Flar's is in SF with his girlfriend, and mine lives in San Antonio. Daddy talked to me for a good while before handing the phone off to Mom. :)

It turns out that Planet Thai is not the restaurant that Flar likes best. Mai Thai, which is, was closed yesterday. So we ended up at Siam. Dinner was yummy, and we followed it up with dessert at Krispy Kreme. Then Critter bought the tickets for us to see Around the World in 80 Days. It was quite fun. I especially like Kathy Bates as Queen Victoria.

We got home after midnight, and went straight to bed. Flar enjoyed his father's day.

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