Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

Skip=150, just to catch up, not counting the posts that came in after I posted my bookmark to keep track of where I started reading...

Today is designated quiet day. Reading LJ, read the paper, may tackle email next, or hide from it. Worked on laundry Wed, Thu and Fri this week, and there's still more to do. Next week ought to be light on laundry, at least. When I read the paper, I went ahead and clipped coupons, as there was only one circular today.

Flar is upstairs, being very frustrated. A really good distraction from email would be thinking up something soothing for him, and being all concerned wifey who can't really help.
I can understand, I just can't help.

The problem is that his two (three?) year old desktop system is not working properly. It started with corrupted files on his hard drive, combined with error messages warning of imminent drive failure. Now that he and Knight have successfully installed a new hard drive, reinstalled windows (and grr, it landed on the old drive ?!?), he's trying to get his user data off the old drive before it dies completely. Perhaps because of where the OS landed, and a desire to re-install Windows properly without the old drive around at all, he's trying to move the data directly onto CDs. And the burning process is failing a significant portion of the time, typically at the end of a 15 minute process. Likelihood is high that by the end of the day, he'll have all his user data somewhere safe, and he'll be exhausted from sheer frustration.

Knight is coming over sometime after 7pm (reference his post about work last night) to help. I'm hoping that Ro will feel up to coming with him, and that we can play games while they geek.

In a completely superstitious attitude, I'm not even opening the box of OS X that a very sweet friend mailed me. Not until the ailing computer chi is banished. ;) I'd much prefer to mess with it in the presence of expert assistance, but all of my Mac-savvy friends live elsewhere. So, yeah, I'm a little nervous about messing with it. Hope to tackle it sometime this week, however.

Flar just wandered downstairs. He's backed-up all the data he could find, and is running a virus scan. Since he expects that to take an hour, he's come downstairs for a snack.

Think I'll work on laundry now.

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