Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

Wednesday segues into Thursday

Work, as usual provides a lovely distraction.

Flar took the ghastly numbers I produced on Tuesday night and somewhat managed to pull a cuniculus out of the ether. Enough to survive until the 16th, assuming my paycheck will cover anything not in the quicken schedule. I'm cashing it today, sorting out the allowance and planning to pay cash for groceries etc. I am *so* ready for those real estate deals to close already.

Wednesday is laundry day. I blew off laundry the week after the PWP, and I got the kids to clear their floors on Tuesday, so there are enormous piles. Correction, there *were* enormous piles. I've folded all the towels washed after the PWP, and washed and folded the rest. A rare sight - a full jacuzzi-towel rack, and a full linen closet in the bathroom. I'm washing the second load of colors now, and I've somehow managed to stuff the rest of the clothes in or near their sorting baskets. Laundry is now on-going and under control.

The other project for today is the family room. Organizing clutter that has gotten out of hand, vacuuming and dusting, and if there is still time, starting to work on all the spots. We neither of us include a clean carpet in the list of pre-party requirements for a PWP, since that would add don't-get-the-carpet-dirty stress to the party. But I'm tired of walking through and seeing all the spots, so now that it's just family again, I'm going after them.

Worked last night: actually left work in a queue, but we were both tired at 11:30pm and decided it was best to head home. I'm driving Details to work this week while her car is in the shop (and she crosses her fingers about it being a reasonable repair -- otherwise she has to look for another car). Work tonight, and I'm going to try really hard to get out of the house earlier, since there is enough work to get some good hours in.

Need to figure out another meal from what's already in the house. Last night was easy - beef stroganoff.

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