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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Caught up to here
I got all the way to skip=200 in order to catch up, and that's reading show=p!

Ought to be able to check out LJ at least once a day until we leave for Texas.

After Critter's camp physical, I will set about figuring out the rest of my day/week.

Ro - Don't know when I will get over there - I have to wait around here after the physical, for T and his mom. I can come over after L leaves. I'll call.

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That's okay, napped most of the afternoon away - didn't get to shower until almost 5pm. ;)

I have a doctor appt Weds at 10:30, not sure how long that will take. If I feel up to it then Knight and I will go see the new Harry Potter movie afterwards, if not we'll probably just go back home. :)

Sounds like maybe we should just plan on getting together Thursday. I've got laundry all day tomorrow, and don't know if I'll be working.

I got the boys to "clean" their rooms by getting rid of dirty clothes and trash, and making their beds (well, technically Tigger only got as far as stripping his bed and getting rid of dirty clothes; he's planning to sleep in his sleeping bag tonight). Which means I have tons of laundry tomorrow.

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