Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

Graduation Day

Friday was a long, busy day. Flar and Gaucha and I prepared for it by not getting enough sleep Thursday night.

Critter had to be at school by 9am, but we planned to get there as early as possible so that we could find enough seats for 9 of us: Flar, me, Gaucha, Tigger, Mom, Dad, Bébé, his GF, and Brody. We nearly filled one entire row of seating in the school theater.

Graduation was very nice. Critter did not earn special academic recognition as part of the ceremony, but his current best friend T, and his oldest friend C (best friends until Critter got weird about being around girls), did. The program for the ceremony included the words for the Alma Mater - the first time I remember seeing them in print. The faculty sang a song to the graduating class, and there was a speaker from the class of 1995. Technically, Critter's class has been the class of 2005 until this year, when they cancelled 9th grade. We didn't stay long after the ceremony was over. It was my last command performance, socializing with a place where I feel like I've been kicked out.

Tigger really wanted waffles for breakfast, so we had them for lunch, instead. I invited Bébé, his girlfriend, and Brody to join us, but Brody was going to lunch at Rotary in Winchester, instead. When we got home, Gaucha went back to sleep, and FIar had to go up to his office to work. I mixed up a bunch of waffles and somehow managed to make enough batter for exactly 8 waffles, which was cool. Mom cut up strawberries and kiwis for smoothies, and make three blenders-ful. Sausages provided protein to go with the waffles, and lunch was yummy.

We had enough time after lunch to drop by the hospital on our way to the 3:50 showing of HP:PoA. Ro didn't get back from recovery before we had to leave, but we left her the dish garden that Mom and Dad bought, and chatted with Knight.

The movie was fun, although there seemed to be lots of differences from the book. I think I'm glad I didn't re-read it right before seeing the movie. One of the scenes really made me cry -- because I knew what was coming in the 5th book.

After the movie, we stopped at the hospital and got to see Ro, this time.

Then we met Bébé, his girlfriend, Flar and Gaucha for dinner at Golden Corral. Right before we left, we got them to announce Critter's graduation (they were announcing graduations and birthdays throughout our meal). I think Critter liked the attention, but I don't think he appreciated my pointing out that he got cheered by a cute babe at the next table. ;)

After dinner, we got to talking about various things, and somehow a trip to Wal-Mart seemed vital. So Mom and Flar and Gaucha and I piled into the car for a shopping expedition. Mom bought polar fleece for four blankets, Gaucha bought a CD player and cassette player and various little things in the stationery dept, and I found some fun 2.5 and 6 oz. coke glasses. I made two of the pieces of polar fleece into blankets for Mom and for Granny, who is turning 108 tomorrow. I took the other two pieces with me on the trip to make a blanket for Gaucha, and one for myself.

We got to bed kind of late, considering that we were going to be driving the next day. But it was a good, long day.

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