Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug


I wasn't logged in tonight, when I went to read LJ. No wonder it took so little time.

Work tonight was good. Medium amount in the regular Thursday job, then an "easy" job to fill out the rest of the evening.

Today was Detail's fifth anniversary at the company. So I bought a 1/8 sheet cake and added "Happy 5th Anniversary [Details]" to it. I picked up Details, and when we got to work, she offered to help carry stuff in (I always seem to be carrying a lot). I handed her the cake to carry.

She was surprised and very pleased. She decided to leave the leftovers for the day shift (and as a subtle reminder to Opman: Details refuses to *ask* for a review, but wants one).

The "easy" job surprised me tonight. Indexing was ordinary, but I finished the queue and switched to double-keying. For this job, this meant typing "A" followed by 10 digits, where there first five digits tended to repeat, and the the second five digits were zero-filled to right justify. I don't know if this is descriptive enough to explain the feeling of "flying" through the numbers. My fingers "trained" on the first five digits with one rendition (each time it did change), and essentially typing those while I was reading the second five. A good bit of buffering was going on in the hand-eye coordination, and thinking was, well, a handicap. Anytime I actually thought about what I was typing, it slowed me down. The point is, the typing "got" to me. Like I was drinking mega doses of caffeine. Or engaging in a screaming match. Twice, I had to get up and literally walk it off. Came home wired. Weird.

Okay, now to actually *read* LJ. ;)
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