Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

updating is...

i'm in this weird state right now. Feeling like I'm waiting for something, I know not what. I suppose if I dig in and figure out all the stuff I want/need to do, I will get all stressy.

For the most part, I feel stress free.

There are looming (at least in my head, if nowhere else) Big Discussions in my future. One scheduled, others not. I am busily not thinking of these.

My house is amazingly clean.

My routine is obliterated - school is out, company is here, it's not unexpected.

Mom and Dad didn't blink an eye at Gaucha sleeping on a flip bed in our room. no external push to "tell" means we are still not "out".

Gaucha slept on the flip bed.

Flar woke her up this morning and she was horny. Sexy wakeup activities ensued, in bed. Sweet in tone.

Been lazing. Read today's paper. Opened all the mail. Made an appointment for Critter to get a camp physical. Called camp about it not being in 30 days in advance.

Work tonight.

Ooh, work. Detail's car has a blown head gasket. She's got an appointment to take it in on Monday, and expects to be without a car all next week. I wouldn't let her drive home by herself last night. I followed her home, and today, I'm driving her to and from work. Which means going into work a bit earlier than I have been, lately, and probably leaving earlier. We made an effort to share the work evenly last night, and will tonight, so that we can finish out at about the same time.

Which *may* mean that I don't get to see Gaucha in the amateur contest at Deja Vu. :( Since we were already concerned about whether I could even get in as an unescorted female, with Flar already escorting Gaucha, this doesn't change a lot.

Flar and Gaucha and the boys and my parents are meeting Brody's brood and Bébé and his GF at Gattitown tonight. I'm schlepping leftover Jambalaya to work.

I suppose I should start trying to do paperwork, the natural follow-up to opening the mail...

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