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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Working tonight.

Work's been starting to pile up, so it looks like I'll have regular working hours again awhile. Bigger paychecks will be welcome.

Ham and Swiss casserole for dinner tonight. Trying to get Knight and Ro over to join us, but Ro was out when I called her at work. And we hadn't figured out Wednesday versus Thursday when I talked to Knight last.

There's a drag show pageant downtown tonight. Hmm. Maybe I could walk over during my dinner break. ;)

Tomorrow night, Gaucha is going to enter an amateur contest at deja-vu. I wonder if I could squeeze that into a dinner break. I wonder if I need to find an escort to get in.

Time for lunch. Going in the offline world again.

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LOL that might not be fair to Ro...after all, she started her liquid diet today.....

Yeah, I meant to try to get under the wire before she had to start on just liquids, and I didn't read her post carefully enough. No dinner with Ro tonight.

The one time I tried to go to Deja Vu (many years ago), we had one male, two females, and they made us go get another male to get in the door. That was in Louisville, of course, so no idea if it's the same in Lexington. Do you think Flar could come out to the parking lot and get you when you arrive? I'm assuming dancers don't *need* escorts, but I could be wrong.

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