Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

Sleeping arrangements et alia

I found out why Gaucha couldn't sleep last night: she had a nightmare that she was suffocating, and then she couldn't fall back asleep, being in the middle. She wants Flar to sleep in the middle, but he objects on grounds of getting too hot and feeling trapped. I like the middle.

Last night, Gaucha and Flar slept upstairs by themselves - the last opportunity before Mom and Dad arrive late tonight.

We've decided how to arrange beds while they are here. Gaucha will sleep in our room. We have moved the foam flip chair from my garret down to our bedroom, with various bedding. If Mom and Dad wanna be all curious, they can notice the extra bed in the room.

Heck, one of us may end up sleeping on it, if we can't resolve the "sleeping in the middle" issue. ;)

We're carreening down the road of "if they ever out-right ask, we'll tell" as far as poly and our parents are concerned. I'm already quite candid about when I visit Wolf and Sydb in Louisville, and Mom never asks who sleeps where. So we've decided to go ahead and continue to share our room, but put the extra bedding into it, so they can think what they prefer.

In the event that we ever explicitly come out to my parents, I'm giving my mom the URL for LJ, so she can keep up with my crazy mixed up life. As if is now, I don't write her nearly often enough.

Last night was the first night in quite a few that I slept alone. I was afraid that I wouldn't sleep well, but I was pretty tired after driving home in the rain. I dropped right off. And slept in. Interrupted by phone calls from Wolf: requested, since I'd be alone; a 3rd grade parent: the party is moved to Thursday; and Flar: on his way home from his first two meetings today.

We have workers. Really, the most considerate workers we've had in the house - they are very conscientious about telling me where they'll be working; making sure I know they're in the house; always asking before taking soft drinks that we have already made clear they are welcome to drink; etc. etc. But they're painting. Including the doors. Which means open doors.

I am not an outside girl. Open doors mean the outside is coming in. bleh.

Flar and Gaucha and I just hung out together awhile this morning. That was cool. Very relaxing, very happily married feeling. Like that A LOT. Wearing this ring has different meaning for me now. Before it was inclusion in great happiness that was really Flar's. A statement that I was part of it, but now I actually FEEL part of it. Very pleased.

Gotta work on the rough edges of me more, though. Too much heavy emotion. The storm last Tuesday nearly scared Gaucha right out of the house, but here she was Monday night, telling me how alive I am, and how much she admires my brightness.

still a whole lot nervous about talking, just Flar, just me, next weekend.

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