Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

First Day of Vacation

The PWP is over. School is out. We slept in. Except that Flar had to get up for a meeting this morning. And I had to get up with him to fill out the contract for Sayre School (he's going downtown, so he's taking it by there today), and write the check for the enrollment fee (he can't find his own checkbook right now). I decided to stay awake and catch up with LJ and pop my email.

Gaucha is sleeping. She told Flar she didn't sleep well. I hope it wasn't my snoring. We've slept together four nights now. Sunday was miserable - my fault for being all wrought up over feeling horny and neglected at the same time. Tuesday was mixed - starting with a huge emo-melt-down on my part over trivia that ended with a long talk-down between the three of us and sweet petting/sex before sleep. Wednesday was "just right" - sweet petting/sex before sleep. Last night we were body-exhausted and cuddled/slept. The rest of the nights Flar and Gaucha have had to themselves. Two have been work nights for me, three have been PWP nights, when I was sleeping with Wolf and Sydb.

I don't know why Gaucha didn't sleep well, and I'm convincing myself not to speculate. I was dead-tired when we retired at 11:30 last night (even forgetting to turn off my phone). I slept quite soundly.

I've read LJ, now I have email to skim. I have to make a mortgage payment to the bank, I have a box to pack up and ship to HotCC (they left their games) and other après-PWP. Knight is coming over. Gaucha woke up before I finished this post.

She and I are heading to Louisville tonight for Stamping Club. I'd talked to Sydb about going to the zoo today, but we never firmed up plans, and my feet are still just a bit sore from being on them constantly from 9am to 4pm yesterday.

More on the PWP in other posts.

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