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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Tuesday was.
Wednesday is.
Been getting ready for the PWP. Been stressing about party, stressing about VIP houseguest, stressing about cramming Portuguese, stressing about end-of-school, blowing my last ops for de-stressing (a) total f**ked over bath/phone call last night and (b) too late to use the day-spa gc.

Started spotting today. It figures.

Tired. My result on this meme really spoke to me, so I'm posting it. Clipped, for Envoy, if for noone else. Correctly named, for Mztish, if for noone else.


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Name Acronym[sic] Generator
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And more huggles, too! Wish I could be there for PWP; and I'm sorry you feel Neglected. But you're very Important to me!

love you

Thank you, sweetie.

The last time I was feeling quite this kind of neglected, I participated in a sticker-collage-making goddess night. The collage I made has the word "important" across the middle of it.

Kinda noticed you were stressing a bit. You shouldn't feel like you have to "cram" Portugese - I mean, one of the reasons that Gaucha is here is to get a better working knowledge of English. I'm not saying that you shouldn't learn Portugese, just don't be too strict with yourself.

I did the screen filler before I went to bed last night; I'm not sure I like this stuff as well as the thinner stuff (it was a little weirder to put on) but maybe I'm just not used to it. I'm gonna wash out the drawing fluid tonight (while the bread puddings are baking) and hope it turns out well. :)

Best wishes for your party! While its quite normal for you to feel stressed just keep in mind that the party will be fine stress or not! :) Be kind to yourself.

I too am neglected..
But you're also Magical, Intelligent and Nutty! :)

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