Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug


This morning, I got up and fixed breakfast for Critter and Tigger and myself. Flar always eats later in the morning, and Gaucha was sleeping in.

Gaucha wasn't quite as frantic about cleaning today, although I did ask her, after she got back from Rotary with Flar, to help me finish up the kitchen, since she had gotten so much of it done yesterday.

Blurring details, by the end of the day, we have cleaned out all of the kitchen cabinets, and reorganized the contents. I put away the cookie cutters in an organized fashion in one of the baskets in the pantry, using ziplock bags to sort out categories of shapes. There is no trace of mouse spoor in any of the cabinets, nor boiled honey. The back of the sink, in the bay window, looks gorgeous. The swinging frogs are swinging. I've done three loads of towels, whites, colors, perm. press and some delicates since I washed sheets on Saturday, and have more "work towel" sorts of load to do.

Tonight for dinner, we took Guacha and met Ro and Knight at the Taste of Lexington, which features downtown area restaurants. It meant that Gaucha could get a varied taste without having to go out to all those places. ;) We dressed up for dinner tonight -- me, because it's hot and skirts are cooler than pants, Gaucha, because she has so many dressy outfits. Tonight, she wore leather. yummy.

After dinner, I went to work. Starting at 7:30, I was done by a little after midnight. I had surprise company, since Details hasn't been working Mondays, lately. AND, Wolf called. :)

As part of my review, Opman has asked me to write notes when there are questions unresolved by the new Run Book, so he can improve the Run Book. Great idea, if he follows through. ;) Anyway, one of the questions I had last Thursday turned up some bad prep by the client, and Opman is going to meet with them about that. He left me a note to tell me about it, and thanked me "for the heads up."

Details confuses me. She's been complaining for months about Opman never checking back with the client, and now that he is, she only focussed on the note-writing, as if I'm playing up to Opman. I like to think of it more as playing him, period. He's doing more managerly stuff this way, and hey, I don't mind more communication. Ah well.

That was my day in a nutshell. The kitchen and pantry are now amazing paragons of organization and cleanliness, and I've been able to start in on doing some hostess emailing.

Tomorrow, Flar is bringing Gaucha to talk to Tigger's class as school, and I've decided to sleep in, until they're back. After that, Gaucha and I will be running the normal Tuesday errands.

Ro and I are planning to work on the silkscreen tomorrow night, and then I get a bubblebath and phone call with Wolf.

Now for a little bedtime reading...

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