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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Sunday was not a day of rest
But, we did get to sleep in, in the morning. Too long for me -- I have more allergy problems sleeping in the Lincoln Room, than I do in our room, and sleeping in exacerbated them.

I had pulled myself out of bed and started to finish the Saturday paper, while waiting for my head to drain, when Flar and Gaucha bounced in. They had already eaten, had let me sleep in, and were offering to fix me breakfast now, if I wanted to get up.

I had cereal and scrambled eggs, and started in on finishing the pantry after that. We all worked on it: Flar and Gaucha and both boys. Flar started by mounting hooks for me to hang my various and sundry bags, including the backpack I take to work. I wanted him to operate the evil drill -- the trigger is broken so that it stays on when it has power. I got Critter to start helping me with the baskets. The baskets had varying levels of mouse-spoor, which meant the contents had to be taken out and cleaned (or thrown away, depending), and the baskets themselves cleaned, before reloading.

We got a system going where Critter and Flar cleaned the baskets, while I decided where to put things in the pantry. When Flar was cooking my eggs, I had washed out some mouse-messy stuff destined for the pantry, and while I was eating, Gaucha took over, by washing hand-wash that had gathered up. She washed one of the pantry baskets, and asked if she could clean around the sink, instead.

I kind of understand the whole "more comfortable working than watching" and "working together is a comfortable way to be with someone not quite familiar yet" stuff. But even after all of Flar's previous descriptions, I was not prepared for how diligently and thoroughly Gaucha cleaned. While I was working on getting the last of the baskets in the pantry, she was methodically taking up all the clutter in the kitchen in order to clean.

Which means that when we got to the point where I thought I'd be done, after everything that belonged in the pantry was placed, we had a whole new cleaning job: sorting through the clutter to keep or throw and decided where things went. By this time, the boys were very tired, it was late and time for us to have dinner.

Ooh, look at me totally blocking lunch with Bébé and his girlfriend. We didn't get deeply involved in pantry cleaning until after lunch. We met Bébé and his girlfriend at Tony Roma's for lunch. Bébé was in rare form, rubbing me the wrong way. I don't like him; he can be a jerk in so many ways, but the worst is how he acts, when he is around attractive, younger women. Enough said.

But, back to the cleaning. I had this mini-meltdown when faced with the magnitude of how much was left, and the necessity for a dinner break. Flar promised that we would finish when we got home, and that I wouldn't be making all the decisions, as my decision server was suffering from overload by then. We all went out to Pizza Hut, to show Gaucha what American pizza is like.

After dinner, Flar was true to his word, and we really did get everything put back before bedtime.

After that, Flar, Gaucha and I soaked in the jacuzzi and then went to bed.

Perhaps it was so much agitation from cleaning. Perhaps it was being all snuggled up to unfamiliar yummy and oh by the way, technically wife... After lights out, I couldn't sleep. Wanted sex, couldn't ask for it, could ignore wanting, couldn't be calmed by cuddling, couldn't find a comfortable position in which to sleep, felt awkward, and basically couldn't sleep. Oh, I did, eventually. Critter woke me 15 minutes before the alarm was set to sound.

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This kind of reminds me of the time my grandparents came to visit and stayed home with my brother and I while mom and dad went to work. My grandmother (my dad's mother) took every last dish out of the china cabinet, had me help with washing and drying (and presumably she wiped down the china cabinet, but I wouldn't swear to that), and put all the dishes back completely different from how my mother had them, and made it "pretty" (plates standing up to be seen) rather than practical for a house with two young kids who still run up and down the halls and bump into the china cabinet when sitting down at the table.

When my grandparents were out of the house, my mother threw a fit about the china cabinet and redid it the way *she* had done it (after they went home), and was really mad at the extra work caused. I think this is probably why I'm rather timid about cleaning for others without explicit instructions. :) I never take for granted that someone wants something cleaned, much less cleaned the way I would do it.

At least in this case it's all work that I appreciate.

After the fact. ;)

It just got so overwhelming when we were in the middle of it.

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