Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
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My grand list had both finishing the pantry (and cleaning the kitchen) AND cleaning the bedroom on it. I'm often quite adept at cleaning when I'm avoiding something, and this time I ended up avoiding the pantry. :)

First, I stripped the bed and washed the sheets. The set on the bed was Flar's favorite, and I wanted them clean for Gaucha's visit.

I finished the job I had started weeks ago, on my side of the bed. I took everything out of my bookcase and cubbyholes and completely reorganized them. By the time I was done, I had some seldom-worn clothes in a higher shelf, some sentimentally important puzzles shelved in a higher shelf, all my purses and shoes organized, and had found actual shelf space for all of the books that had been piled all about my bedside table and bedside storage expansion unit (a stack of plastic shelves). Quite a bit that had been on the floor was cleared away in the process, so it didn't take much more to clear away the rest, and vacuum.

Meantime, the sheets were clean and Critter helped me to remake his bed, before I dropped him at T's house, and went to a 2pm munch with Ro and Knight. We met a fellow from Mt. Sterling who *may* drop by the PWP next weekend.

When I got back home, I had time to finish vacuuming the bedroom and closet and bathroom. I checked in with Flar before I stepped into the shower, and found out that they were close enough that I should plan on driving over to the airport as soon as I got out of the shower. I dragged Tigger along, and we picked up Critter on our way home from the airport. Flar and Gaucha had brought Pappasito's fajitas with them: Yum!

When we got home, I showed off my achievements in the bedroom, and Flar was impressed. I had wanted to make the bedroom welcoming for Gaucha, and I think I succeeded. While he toured Gaucha around the house, and then helped her to unpack, I set about clearing off one countertop in the kitchen, and making chicken and dumplings.

Ro and Knight came over to join us for dinner. We had a late, but yummy spread of food; after that, we were all pretty bushed. I read email a bit before bedding down upstairs -- to give Flar and Gaucha a proper night sleep together, after all of their traveling. On my way to the family room, I ducked my head into the bedroom, to check that Gaucha was out of the shower, so it was okay to start a load of laundry. She very sweetly invited me to sleep with them. I thanked her, declined for the first night, and for work nights, and left them to themselves.

Then I set about reading LJ and email, and I got to chat a bit with Wolf and Sydb and Ro. I read some of the Saturday paper before I succumbed to sleep.

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