Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
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Friday, I drove the boys to school, and stayed for Spring Sing.

Critter gave me a scare: as he was getting out of the car, he mentioned that he had an afterschool party, and he thought it would be over by 7pm. This would mean completely missing the window of opportunity for opening his present, as Matt was planning to leave the house around 5pm. Fortunately, I saw T's Mom on the way to Spring Sing, and she set me straight on the party: it ran from 6 to 8. It turns out I had the party in my calendar all along, but I've been awfully scatterbrained the last week or so, about schedules.

Spring Sing is a program put on by preschool through 3rd grade. Only, the preschool has gotten so big that they split it into two programs. The first year they split it, they tried to have two performances with all the children, which meant parents weren't invited to see their children perform, which led to hard feelings. Now, they have a separate Preschool Spring Sing, and Primary Spring Sing. The third graders learn to play the recorder, and this year, they participated in a Karate-like program of recognition for each song they memorized. The "belts" were actually strings of yarn of many colors. The program was entertaining. I like the sound of children's choruses, and the children were very good at playing their recorders.

After the spring sing, I picked up enough beer at the Liquor Barn to fill up the various empty spots we have in our cooler, picked up plumbing supplies at Home Depot, dropped by Kennedy's (and then Schumaker's) to pick up more screen filler fluid, and made a short run to Kroger. None of my stops provided graduation wrapping paper, so I zipped over to The Party Store for that. I didn't have a lot of time at home before it was time to go pick up the boys; I filled it with lunch and wrapping Critter's presents.

When we got home from school, we let Critter open the presents. He absolutely loved the I-Book, and he got to use his phone right away, when my mom called him on it, to see how he liked the I-Book. :)

Flar then became a whirlwind of activity. It seems that a particular development deal that has been planned for some time saw the financing fall through at the last moment. He put together an alternative that would work, but he had to get some paperwork to the bank involved by 6pm. I drove him by the bank, then dropped off Critter at TLS for his party, and finally dropped off Flar at the airport to pick up a rental car for the drive to Atlanta.

When I got home, the task of "finishing the pantry" was completely beyond me, and I pretty much zoned the rest of the evening. Whenever I skimp on sleep these days, it catches up to me sooner rather than later.

When I realized how tired I was, I sat down with the boys to make grand plans for the next day, then we all headed to bed.

After school, Critter

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