Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

Another long day

Yes, it's late. But it's *already* late, and if I don't post now, it'll be another 24 hours, easily.

Today I slept in until 8am, ooh, luxury, and then pulled myself out of bed to shower and dress. The contractors were supposed to come out first thing to fix the shelf supports in the pantry, and I wanted to be showered before they got here.

I wandered into the kitchen and made a space in the boxed goods section of virtual shelving for my cereal bowl. Virtuously, I only read one section of the paper, and then got to work on updating Quicken. I had the checking statement to balance, about 6 bills and statements, and checks and receipts from about a week. I printed a report on the checking register for Flar, prepared one bill to mail and one check to drop off at Mook's, then I checked on the Silk screening supplies.

Then it was time to dash out to my review. Opman still likes my work, and talked to me about the possibility of a supervisor position, when we get more clients, therefore more second shift workers. He would be okay with me still working three nights a week, so that works for me. I also got a raise, woot! 2% brings me all the way up to $8.65/hr, but the work is far from demanding, after all. And, as an added bonus, I got a company coffee mug. Because I asked, so I'm pleased with it -- don't think it was some cheesy gesture on Opman's part. ;)

After my review, I had time to drop off a check at Mook's, pick up silk (I think it's actually polyester or nylon) and white ink at Kennedy's (and wondered if we need other supplies -- I only thought to check for ink), pick up a free glasses cleaning cloth at Pearle Vision Center (the Herald-Leader Deal of the Day), and drop by Home Depot (where I didn't like my options for installing rope lighting, and decide to try Kentucky Lighting), before it was time for car-line at school.

I fixed grilled sirloin, fried new potatoes and Mac n Cheese for dinner, and fixed a plate for Flar that included Stanley's sauces (left over from Mother's day). Flar didn't get home before I left for work.

The contractors showed up very late, which is why I only worked on Quicken in the morning, and they actually didn't finish until I left for work. Flar and the boys put the basket frames and table-top back into the pantry, and took out the trash and recycling, but I asked them to let me re-stock the pantry.

I got home from work before 11:30 tonight, so I worked on restocking the pantry before going to bed. I've got all the shelved-food back in there, and the shelved paper products and the appliances. I kept being assaulted by the "one more thing" syndrome. When I got to the point that installing hooks to hang canvas bags, or replacing the baskets were the next step, I had a natural stopping point. One involved the drill -- noise aside, it was too late at time to trust myself with a power tool. The other needed to wait until after a remop.

  • Check the silkscreening supplies for adequate blocker and blocker-blocker fluids.
  • Take the boys to school and watch Spring Sing. Read the paper while waiting for the show to begin.
  • Pick up beer, wine, soda and wrapping paper at The Liquor Barn
  • Pick up the pipe dope that I should have picked up this afternoon while I was at Home Depot
  • Pick up silkscreening supplies, if needed.
  • At home:
    • Drill holes to install hooks for canvas bags, etc.
    • Clean out and reorganize the cook book case
    • Vacuum and Mop the pantry (and kitchen?)
    • Replace the baskets, figuring out an organization for them
    • Hang canvas and other bags.
    • Find homes in the pantry for the rest of the stuff
    • Wrap Critter's graduation presents
    • Sort and start laundry
  • Let Critter upwrap his presents
  • Wave goodbye to Flar, who is driving to Atlanta to pick up Gaucha.
  • Change the sheets on the bed
  • Otherwise spiffy up my side of the bed for company. I'm giving Flar and Gaucha the master bed, and sleeping in the Lincoln Room until the PWP (or if they invite me to join them), and then we're swapping so that Wolf and Sydb and I can have the king size bed.
  • Ro is coming over to work on the silk screen, and keep me company while I clean.

It looks like a daunting list to me. Here's hoping I get it all done early enough to make a bubblebath reasonable.

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