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Short summary of the day

Finishing reading Stranger in a Strange Land today. I have decided to stick with the Umberto Eco book until PWP is over -- it doesn't suck me in, but it provides distraction while I'm eating. I haven't been nearly as productive while I've been reading SiaSl.

Today I washed things from the pantry, and the hand-wash dishes. I made enchiladas for dinner. I got the PDA return dropped off at The UPS Store, as well as shipping something to Lebif. I deposited a check for Flar. And I worked.

I chatted with Sydb. Knight hung out with me today. I've missed his steady presence. :)

Wolf and I had a cursed phone day: I was asleep when he called in the morning, answering the door to the UPS guy (too bad I didn't have the return ready this morning, eh?) when he called at lunch, then on hold with the spa repair guy when he called back (he usually takes longer to buy lunch, honest!), and pulled into a contractor question when he called after work. I finally tried a nini phone call, because I got off work early enough and ...

my phone actually turned itself off.

Tell me our phone calls weren't cursed today.

And, I'm surprisingly chipper about it. Because I DID get my nini phone call, and it was a nice one, all chatty and loving and stuff. So there, mister curse!

Lessee, my regular indexing job took all of 30 minutes, then I had some double-key and image processing to do in another queue that took another 2 hours (reading SiaSL during the bit where it was image processing -- it lasted Just Long Enough.)

Money's still tight. Dammit. Flar initiated the request for money from the educational mutual fund to pay the rest of the tuition, so that's a done deal. But the builder that he's been working with is holding off on paying him any money until two jobs close, and said builder has been dragging his feet on getting an appraisal done for one of the jobs. I don't know the status of the other. Flar says we can survive through August if he only pays what's already invoiced, and not the retainer, which is what will allow us to start paying off credit cards.


Thought up a cool graduation present for Critter that won't involve an outlay of cash though, and will check on that tomorrow. Mom is expecting Just a Card for her birthday, cause she knows about the money problem.

Mom and Dad's graduation present for Critter arrived via UPS this morning and Fedex Ground this afternoon. I piled it all in Flar's office and then we had a discussion about when he gets to open it. We settled on Friday, after school, before Flar leaves for Atlanta. That gives him the whole weekend with it, but no touching it during finals.

The spa guys are swamped: they predict next week at the earliest to repair the leak :( But Flar is going to try calling them repeatedly to pin them down on a time.

The pantry, ooh, shiney!

We have three new shelves in the pantry, and quarter round all about the floor. They're going to paint two of the walls, and leave in place the painting that Critter (Tigger?) made on the white wall. Ro, do you remember which of them painted the ship? Knight has suggested we frame it by nailing quarter round around it. We're replacing the holed plastic tubing that feeds the ice maker with soft copper tubing, and should have ice in the kitchen by the end of the week.

Wednesday we are scheduled to replace everything in the pantry. And Knight has invited us to Shrek2, so it may be Flar and I working into the night.

Tomorrow is errand day. I'm starting in the morning with:
  • Lowe's: 16' of quarter round, and compression fittings for the soft copper tubing (I'm to ask for help)
  • Kroger (Flar made a list)
Then Knight is joining me for:
  • Sam's - including the first supply run for the PWP
  • Allergist
  • AAA - if there's time, else I'll pick up a triptik on Wednesday

Not sure I'll get anything done at home, but I need to update quicken, so I'll probably choose that if I have any time; then in the evening I have bubblebath/phone call with Wolf. Tomorrow night is board meeting, so I've no idea how much of a phone call we'll get. Looking at the day I have planned, I'll probably be catching up on the paper while I wait for him to call. :)

Now I'm reading LJ and going to bed, I hope soon, since I have a long day tomorrow.

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