Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

pulling myself out of the blahs by the hardest.

Stayed up far too late last night. I finally gave up (for the night) on hotsyncing to my old Visor Deluxe to use until I can get my PDA sitch straightened out. But by then I was hooked on a two-parter X-files on TBS (that Flar left on when he went to bed - I blame him. ;) I have no explanation for why I saw at least half of the invisible elephant episode that followed.

The result was that I overslept this morning. Past time to find out that LaDonna_Rena would have preferred the earlier bowling time with Spydielives. I dragged myself out of bed finally, and paused long enough to wash my face and put on a robe, before going directly to check email.

Having missed the early date, I had absolutely no ambition whatever. I read LJ and email, then started Yet Another Hotsync attempt. This time, I left it running, to see if it would actually complete the Datebook portion of the hotsync.

Got dressed, then fixed a late breakfast, read the paper and listened to some jerk that make O'Reilly appear to be a paragon of liberalness (liberty?). Did the jumble, even attempted the Thursday crossword. Managed to figure out the gimmick, but not finish the puzzle.

If I was thinking at all, in the back of my mind I was expecting Wolf to call around 11, which would get me kickstarted on getting ready to leave for bowling around 11:30.

I totally didn't notice the time until Wolf called at noon:15. I've no idea why my voice sounded to him like there was something wrong, like I was hurt or something. Heck, I was blah enough that I needed to pause and figure out *what* I was feeling, then noticed the time and went into blah-blunted panic mode. Spydielives called-waited in, to find out where I was, and agreed to wait for us to show up late.

Called back Wolf, who rang off with no explanation (we each use "can I call you back" shorthand when there's something time-pressing, so explanation happen, if they do, after the fact. I never found out why this particular one), but that gave me time to call LaDonna_Rena with a heads-up as I got in the car. Talked to Wolf Very Briefly when he called back.

I think we ended up at the bowling alley at 1pm. What I determined from this, is that I can start at 1pm, bowl three games with two other people, and get to car-line in time. Bowling rocked! Two weeks since I've picked up my ball, but I bowled 154, 125 and 177, sweet! I found myself feeling energetic and vibrant and laughing and stuff. I think there's something to that "get up and get moving" thing to helping with mood. Mind you, that's supposed to be the point of the catch-up list, cause I can use that to start moving without having to think hard.

Anyway, we're going to try to get together most weeks during the summer to keep bowling. It was fun, and I think it's good for me.

I made potato chowder for dinner tonight. Yum! (No leftovers.)

We have a new front door, with a nifty pieced glass window. Yay!

While I was out, the dogs got out of the yard. Ouchie and Flood were at the backdoor waiting to get back in when the contractor showed up, but Flar had to search for Dizzy when he got home from morning meetings. She was over a mile away, across the one lane bridge on Vince, toward Union Mill.

(here, for those who know where we live)

Work was fine tonight. Opman left me my copy of the evaluation to fill out for my review, and set up a time (next Thurs at 1pm) for me to talk to him about it. I filled it out after I clocked out tonight, and put it on his desk, in an envelope with a note confirming the appointment. Likelihood is low that I'll get a raise. Work has been light, and I think I'm maxed out for payscale. But I don't mind going through the review process just to see how I'm doing as a model employee. ;)

Oh, the hotsync managed to finish with few errors, but the first update I tried to make to the calendar (on the PDA side, not the desktop) caused a fatal error. So my backup PDA is a readonly device for the calendar, anyway. At least I have it for reminders, though.

I haven't gotten the mailing label e-mail from; I'm going to call in the morning to check on that.

Tomorrow, Tigger has Writer's Guild at 10:30, then I have an appointment for Critter with the doctor at 3:30. He's been congested, claritin isn't helping, and it's moving into his chest.

This weekend is a work weekend. And Flar and my wedding anniversary.

Feeling not-sleepy, but foggy. Going to bed as soon as I write "my kid needs to leave at 2:45" notes for school.

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