Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

A better day.

The icky stuff:

The castle burned down last night.
The kittens are all gone, who knows where?
The vet bill was ignormous!
The normal background icky stuff that doesn't go away, or benefit from being talked about

The good stuff:

Wolf got an official offer letter for a permanent position where he's been working as a contractor. Woot!

I got lots of errands run today, and got home in time for an hour and a half nap.
  • Dropped off Flood and Ouchy and Dizzy at the vet
  • Dropped off 18 shirts, a pair of pants and a suit to be cleaned
  • Got groceries at Kroger and Sam's
  • Got more dog food.
  • Got my allergy shot.

I made a yummy dinner, the sun is out, the dogs are all clean, and the house is getting that way (on the outside - where the contractors have been pressure washing).

And I get to talk to Wolf in my bubblebath tonight.

It took forever to pick the dogs up at the vet. They hadn't tested them for heartworm so that I could start up meds again, so we had to wait around for that. But they all have a clean bill of health, the scotties are clipped and all of them are clean. I got Revolution, which is heartworm preventative and flea treatment rolled into one osmosis treatment. I also got an antihistamine for the Scotties. The bill was too high for our beleagured credit card to handle, so I put some of it on the card and wrote a check out for the rest.

The last everything's-all-right-now deal has been postponed, you see. It was supposed to close on Friday, but now Flar thinks they've figured out a way to close it next week. When that finally comes through, money is fixed. Period. Writing the check was a sort of act of faith, I guess.

I made Ham and Swiss casserole for dinner, and there are no leftovers. Yummmm. I also picked up ingredients for enchiladas and chowder, so we will eat yummy food this week.

The front door isn't quite right. The carpenters need to rebuild the house part of the door frame -- the part that surrounds the factory made door frame -- it's too far off from square for the normal shim process to work. But the new door is installed, temporarily. It lets more sunlight into the front hall than the old door. It's got a pretty pieced-glass window that will make rainbows during the right time of day.

The yard smells of honeysuckle right now. Flar and Critter are tackling the branches that obscure view of the road when exiting the driveway. We also have honeysuckle blocking the view from the kitchen window, and screening the view from Critter's bathroom window. The latter is probably a good thing, since I never got around to making curtains for that bathroom.

Tigger wants me to play toontown with him, now.

kids are golden.

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