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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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update in brief
yesterday was blah, with brief highlights.

Got caught-up, except for sorting the coupons I clipped.

Got to chat with Sydb in the afternoon.

Got to talk with Wolf in the late afternoon, after a truncated call in the morning.

All the kittens are gone now. I hope this means that Gandalf and Goliath have found their mother and siblings. :(

I worked last night. I've been going in late, with work being light; last night I got thrown some extra indexing, and decided to stay through its completion, so I was at work until 1:30 am. Yow.

Took a look at the PWP reports, and whee! 46 people, with at least two new families. :)

Today is errand day: drop dogs at vet/groomer, shop at Kroger, Sam's and Incredipet, get shot at allergist. I have a list, and plan to sort coupons in the parking lot of Kroger, after dropping off the dogs.

- and she's off!