Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

slow day

slow waking. slow working. slow sleeping.

I decided to shop online for a Mother's Day gift for my mom. It took long enough for me to settle on what I wanted to buy her, that by the time I was buying it, I was apparently not paying close attention. I had to phone, and get the ship-to address changed. Sigh. Good thing it's going on a credit card - Flar's last bits of "signed-money" are dragging feet on getting into the account. It means being tight at least one more month, but not awfully so. I think. He's home, I'm up-to-date on reporting, and I'm not to worry. So I shan't.

Got caught up. Including one of the four bathrooms - got the sink areas clean in addition to the toilet and bidet, in the master bathroom. I was vicious with my sink. I threw tons of stuff in a box. I am going to declare boxing week at some point this summer, and go through all my boxes of cleaning. But the sink and surroundings look M-ahh-velous.

Generated more dishes. Opened more mail, which generated more quicken updating. Otherwise tomorrow looks to be light on catch-up. Which is good, because I have shopping and baking and cooking to do.

Details came by around 4pm to see the kittens. Tigger and I had just moved them from Mamacat's new hiding place to Werther's old bed. Which made them easy to introduce to Details. She guessed at sexes: Tiger (who has a fairly unisex name) is female. Mr. Spots because Miss Spots. Otherwise, the names go with the probable sexes. She thinks they're about 3 weeks old, and she was able to clean Popeye's eye enough for it to open. When he and Tiger are older, they'll be easier to tell apart....

She seems optimistic about finding homes for them. And Flar okayed letting Tigger adopt one of them (as an outside cat), but I haven't told him yet.

We moved the bed down to the floor underneath the shelves, where Mamacat last moved the kittens, and set up a cardboard shield from casual view. When I got home from work tonight, they were still in and around the bed, so maybe Mamacat will leave them be.

Details left litter and a pan, but didn't think I would need to put it out for them for another week. She also plans on bringing out a crate to keep them in once they can eat on their own -- to keep them out of trouble.

The kittens are forming a welcome distraction for Tigger.

TLS sent records to Sayre today. I'm relieved that they are not making this more difficult.

I worked about 3 hours tonight. When I got home, I chatted with Sydb and Wolf, got the PWP reports working, read email and LJ, and now it's time for sleep.

No wonder I'm so slow-moving in the mornings.

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