Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

Time to breathe

No work tonight; Opman called and we've settled on a regular Mon, Thur two-day work schedule for the foreseeable future. I didn't mention that today is my one-year anniversary. I'll leave a note asking about a review when I'm at work, unless he actually brings it up himself.

Beef Macaroni Italiano for dinner tonight. It's a casserole made with stew meat, macaroni, and a tomato sauce that has wine and onion soup mix in it. I'd used the last packet of onion soup to make dip during the sleepover, so I made creamy Beef Macaroni Italiano tonight. I figure adding sour cream to the recipe is a valid one-time experiment, and who knows? We may like it better this way.

Tigger and I played with the kittens when we got home from school. I brought out a laundry basket and towel to put them in while we held them one at a time. Tigger put the towel back in their nesting spot when we returned them, so they've have a softer place to be. They feel pretty healthy, so Mamacat must be giving them enough milk.

We decided that even temporary guests need names: Popeye has one eye shut. The other two tabbys are Tiger and Gandalf (before he turned white ;). There are two grey and white kittens. Goliath is noticeable larger than the rest; we named the smaller one Mr. Spots. The last kitten is a powder grey with darker ears and tails; she looks like she could be a seal-point siamese. I named her China Girl. All sexes completely arbitrary, though. They are letting us handle them, but they're still too little to tell between females and males at this point. Details is coming over tomorrow at 4; she has more experience with kittens, so maybe she'll be able to tell.

Since I've moved the food to the floor, Mamacat (presumably) has been eating it. Else, we're succeeding in bribing some other animal not to eat the kitties. Whatever.

We may end up trapping Mamacat in order to get her to the vet to be spayed. That'll be an adventure.

The paint foreman started to take apart the front door this afternoon, but the contractor came by and had him put it back, because there wasn't going to be time to install the door today. Ah well. I hope this means they'll be installing it tomorrow. Yay! New front door.

I dropped by Office Max on the way to school, to turn in used ink cartridges for paper, and buy new ink. They only give one ream a day, but he let me keep my extra cartridges for another time.

I watered the straw and changed the water in the wading pool. Since I'm not working tonight, I'll have time to fold the rest of the laundry - towels, a sweater and a blanket.

Tonight, I think I'll tackle the PWP reporting pages. And, if I'm feeling all sparkly-witted, I'll take another look at Applescript and MacPerl.

Unless Flar comes up with other ways to fill my unexpected free time.

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