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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Flar's home, yay!

Mixed bag of a day.

Momma cat was back, but only in the morning. She's a working mom with six latch-key babes. Tigger and I petted them all yesterday; we'll see if Momma cat decided to move them in the night.

Momma cat hasn't touched the kibble I bought her, but I had it on top of the shelves. So I've set it on the floor by the kittens to see if she partakes.

Yesterday was errand day:
  • TLS dropoff
  • Kroger
  • quick turn-around at home
  • Airport pickup - two hours early
  • lunch
  • Sam's Club
  • Allergist
  • Bank
  • TLS pickup - with Slackerboy along for the ride
  • quick turn-around dinner
  • Band concert at school - Critter had a trumpet solo!

I fed the dogs so Critter could get straight to his homework. Tigger orbitted between Daddy and homework. Flar and I had words about when to talk to Tigger about school. He wanted to wait, because he was tired. I (theoretically) work tonight and tomorrow, so that would have meant telling him on Friday, and then me leaving town. No. I *really* didn't want to do that. But, Flar was fading fast, just talking about this, so I told him to nap, NOW. (this was at 7)

When Tigger came down at 8:30 from doing homework, he and I went in to wake Flar, who had just gotten up. Ah! Pounce denied... We sat down on the bed and in the recliner, and Flar told Tigger, with some additions from me. How do you tell a child something they don't want to hear, and give as the reason something they know to be patently false? How do you tell a 10 year old that Mommy and Daddy can't fix it, we've tried, they won't let us. He cried. He tried asking the questions we'd already asked. He cried. Then he announced that he didn't want to talk about it anymore.

So now he knows, and when he has to interview with Sayre it won't be a bolt from the blue.

My bath was cold again. I let in too much water. Argh.

Wolf called from the car, on-time for phone call versus interrupted by getting home and settling Roo in bed. Then phone call was short. I'm no fun to talk to when I'm down about serious stuff. :(

Feeling discontent, discouraged, disconnected.

Today is supposed to be productivity day:
  • Laundry
  • Quicken reporting
  • Finish Catch-Up list
  • Work tonight

I haven't gotten an auspicious start. Barely crawled out of bed by 7, and spent the next hour and a half reading LJ instead of sorting dirty clothes.

So totally not ready for the weekend.

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If mama-cat's a hunter, and a born stray rather than an escaped domestic, there's a fair chance that she doesn't even recognise what's in the bowl as food.

The degree to which cats are creatures of habit cannot really be over-stated. There are many entirely domestic cats who have never been outside in their life who will turn up their nose at any change in their feeding routine. So it shouldn't be too surprising if a professional hunter isn't interested in Meow Mix, especially if the hunting in those parts is good.

The bigger question to me, is whether I'll be able to trap Mamma cat to bring her in to fixed. Because I am NOT going into the baby kitten trade.

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