Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

mini update

working backwards:

I didn't catch all the way today, so I'm scurrying now, as Wolf and Sydb are on their way. Yay!

We had steak for dinner tonight. I also tossed some boiled shrimp through a peanut/broth/pepper mixture, and cooked crinkle-cut carrots with some honey. Critter found the shrimp a tad hot, but inhaled them, and soothed his tongue with milk. Tigger doesn't like shrimp, so supplemented with canned spaghetti and meatballs. I didn't care for the carrots, but there are none left on the boys' plates.

I updated my amazon wish list, so I decided to add that link to my components links list.

On the way home from chess club, we dropped off the last baby-tree-to-a-good-home, and shopped at Rusty Scabbard. I got an Out of the Box game by Reiner Knitzia: Fish eat Fish. It has cute bits.

I gave the boys allowance, so they could shop.

Yes, this was an easy "spoil Tigger" moment. Going to put a lot of those out there, I think.

Chess Club was a zoo. Bride took the "party" part of end-of-year party too seriously, and the there was very little in the way of chess playing. She actually started playing Holes, even though there wouldn't be time to watch it. Ah well.

The other mothers ambushed me, and there was a gift for me and a presentation and stuff when they gave gifts to Bride and Mr.Coach. I teared up, and then the accumulated pollen in my eye-lashes burned my eyes, and well, it wasn't pretty. I didn't talk to any of the moms about the fact that we won't be back next year or why, since the kids were around. I'm planning on writing a personal note of thanks to each of the chess parents with whom I had regular contact.

Transitions suck.

Between lunch and chess club, I delivered baby-trees-free-to-a-good-home. Note to self: Exit 98 is NOT an acceptable turn-around option when missing exit 96 from I-64. The Bert Combs Highway is a nice drive, even on an overcast day.

Berry treated for lunch, but I picked up the tip. I enjoyed the food and expect to go back. We talked about chess next year, and school for Tigger. Berry is an alum of Sayre and good friends with the admissions director, so she will put in a good word. Said director called me, and let me know the first step would be to fill out the application we already have in hand. We also need to draft a letter to TLS telling them of our intentions, so that they will be prepared to send transcripts to Sayre. (And we need to send in the last tuition payment for Tigger's part of this year, so they won't have an excuse to withhold it.)

And now for dashing about. And playing the new game with Tigger.

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