Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

TLS developments.

I called Flar this morning, in Sapriranga. Damn, but J's voice is even lower than Critter's now. (Gaucha's son) Their power is out, so who knows when Flar would have been able to read email.

His reaction to the letter was to accept the intentions of finality from the school, and have me call Sayre. I had to leave voicemail. I'm very nervous about how late in the season it is to try to enroll him, and about the possibility of TLS screwing that somehow, too.

Flar said that after we get Tigger completely settled into the new school, he wants to set about destroying the reputation of TLS - including letters to TLS parents, and possibly seeing if the paper is interested in doing a piece on TLS. When I am angry (I keep cycling through a suite of emotions), I can understand this. Otherwise I find the idea repugnant, and feel my stomach churning over the prospect.

I am also worried about how it might paint us in the Sayre community.

I think I can say that thinking about school just makes me feel ill right now.

Lunching with Berry today will be the first step in passing along any chess-mom wisdom to the next generation, I suppose.

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