Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

The rest of my day

I got a call from Turnip, cool. He still calls me now and then, to let me know what's going on in his life. :)

Yesterday, when I unpacked my purchases from The Party Store, there was a chocolate bunny in the bag. I didn't buy a chocolate bunny. There was no chocolate bunny on my receipt. On my way to pick up the boys, I stopped in at the store, and hey, it was a free chocolate bunny, for spending more than $10. So I ate it. *beaming 'kin*

After I got home with the boys, I sat down to look at LJ or something, and I got sucked into a graphics project. I finished reading LJ, then made beef enchiladas for dinner. Yum!

Critter has completed his rough draft. He's met the page requirements, but it's long on factual description, and short on analysis. I'm going to talk it over with him in the morning. He was holed up in his room most of the night, except for a brief foray into the kitchen to load the dishwasher and feed the dogs.

Tigger spent much of the evening playing outside. It was terrific weather tonight.

After dinner, I read through what Critter had so far, and asked some questions. I wish Flar were here, because history -- and analytical essay, for that matter -- is just not my strong suit. No matter, Critter appreciated my help (and thanked me for it) - perhaps I under-rate the value of moral support. ;)

Tigger had a field trip at school today, and with all the running around outside after school, he was ripe by bedtime, so he showered before turning in.

I spent the rest of the evening making the certificates. First I wrote out all of the names. Then I stamped "handstamped by.." on the back of each. Then I cut out 20 knight masks (because I hate cutting, but reusing the masks also sucks, so I was balancing suckinesses). The seal on each certifcate is a green knight, surrounding by a splash of embossed gold. ooh, shiny...

While I was working, I kept the laundry machines fed, and now I have 5 loads of clean laundry ready to sort tomorrow afternoon. All of the loads are small -- they only filled two baskets between the five of them.

I also got to chat with Sydb and Wolf. I planned Saturday night dinner with Sydb, and she okayed my suggestion which uses ingredients on hand. Ooh, shiny, I just thought of what to make for dinner tomorrow night; I have steaks in the freezer that I can thaw...

I've got five certificates left to emboss, and then I can clean up and go to bed. I'm so glad I was completely done with bowling so early this morning. Tomorrow is going to be a long day:
  • Drop the boys at school
  • Drive to LaDonna_Rena's
  • Decorate the tables at the bowling alley, and lay out the awards packets.
  • Run the awards presentations and business meeting, then bowl 8-pin no-tap
  • Deposit another check from Flar
  • Go home and sort laundry, scarf down enchiladas for lunch, and nap
  • Make a couple of calls for Flar
  • Pick up the boys
  • Fix something fast for dinner
  • Go to Work

I expect I'll be offline for almost 24 hours, due to my schedule tomorrow.


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