Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

super heros

Critter's having trouble writing a paper about Custer's Last Stand. One of the facets he's supposed to address in the paper is how the battle affected Custer. It killed him.

It made him an American History Book hero.

This morning is cold again, although it's expected to warm up dramatically.

I'm wearing sweats and a sweater, socks and ankle boots. The ankle boots zip on the inseam.

I was raised on images of super heros donning their fighting costumes, hiding their secret identities. As I zipped up my ankle boots, I envisioned a super hero zipping up leather gloves.

I have a button that says "mild mannered housewife". But Flar says I've never been "mild mannered" and housewife isn't my secret identity, it's my super hero job.

Flar is in Brazil and I am here alone to battle the evil Umbridge and the deluded Fudge (who in real life is female, but no less living in a fantasy world). I think there's a D&D term for evil that isn't "on purpose" and that was Umbridge's variety, but it doesn't forgive any of her acts.

I didn't sign up to be a single mom, and I suck at it.

My secret identity is timid and afraid and needs comfort.

I need a hero.

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