Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

busy bee

This morning, after I dropped off the boys, I ran errands.
  • Kroger: a very short list. Amazingly, we aren't even out of very much soda, after the sleep-over. I added a couple of boxes of Zatarain's, when I saw that Kroger smoked sausage was on sale.
  • Allergist: I made a payment on my account today. Until I'm done with my deductible for the year, my allergist is quite nice about letting me make partial payments.
  • The Party Store: I picked up a few Derby related things to decorate for the banquet on Thursday morning.
  • Bank: I deposited checks and made a loan payment.
At home, I got caught up, then dove into working on the Rookettes stuff. Last night, while a longish queue was image processing (read: instead of twiddling my thumbs), I planned out what I wanted to update and create from scratch to put together for the league members on Thursday morning. Which means that today, I had a nice checklist to work through.

While I was working, I got a call from Critter's history teacher. She gave me some ideas for how I could help him with this paper. He is obviously struggling with it. We are going to go over it togeher tonight.

I also got a phone call from Berry, who is free for lunch on Friday. Which means I want to finish up the participation certificates tomorrow during laundry. Then I'm free to lunch with Berry, run any last minute errands for the weekend, attend Little KY Derby Carnival at school, and attend the Chess Club party.

If I get the certificates done tomorrow, then I can finish any catch up items Friday morning, including wiping down all the bathroom fixtures again.

On the way home from picking up the boys at school, I dropped by Prez' to get the second signature on the withdrawal check that I'll be using tomorrow, to get the awards cash.

Since we've been home, I've finished up all the paperwork and formatted it for the printer. Now I can print and collate while I'm fixing dinner and discussing The Battle of Little Big Horn with Critter.

Yes, it's a late dinner.

And eventually, Wolf and I will have a phone call tonight. Maybe tonight I'll avoid ruining the bath water temperature.

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