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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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All Caught Up - even in LJ
  • Dishes
    No new hand-wash dishes since I did them yesterday, and I got Tigger to rinse recycling and Critter to load the dishwasher and put away clean hand-wash dishes before taking them to school this morning.
  • Mail
    Dealt with the Saturday mail yesterday. Went to the post office this morning to post the letter to the Board, registered, return receipt requested. Mailed bills. This morning, I put together coupons to mail Sydb and a comic to mail Canuckgirl.
  • Quicken
    I updated Quicken last night, including printing checks to pay five bills. I mailed four of them this morning, and saved the second mortgage check for tomorrow, when I deposit the checks from the business account.
  • Paper
    I read both the Sunday paper and Monday paper this morning.
  • Coupons
    I cut out all of this week's coupons, and even sorted them into the carrier. Then I finished off the three-stamp envelope full of coupons for Sydb. I hope there aren't too many expired ones in the lot.
  • Tables
    This was the fun bit. The kitchen table is still nice and clean from the sleep-over, so I tackled the dining room table. I put away two games, then polished the table. I was about to replace the centerpiece, then rethought, and decided to summerize. I put on the summer tablecloth, replaced the winter centerpiece with a sandcastle, sea shells and rocks. I even poured golden "sand" around the sand castle. Ooh, shiney!
  • Laundry
    I folded last week's laundry that was left waiting, and put away by clothes and the towels. I put away Flar's socks and underwear, but I let him put away his own shirts and shorts, so as not to screw up his system.
  • Bathroom fixures
    On Friday, I cleaned the remaining toilets and bathroom sinks, so I've added bathroom fixtures to this list, but will be sticking to a Friday schedule to keep up with them.

Feeling all virtuous about being caught up, I then vegged the rest of the afternoon away, chatting with Sydb and Envoy and Belmikey. I caught up reading LJ and email.

And now it's time to leave for car-line.