Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

Letter to Umbridge


We are in receipt of your latest letter concerning re-enrollment of [Tigger] in the next school year.

We are in complete shock over your "decision", and are in complete disagreement.

We intend for [Tigger] to attend the Lexington School next year, and do not recognize your "decision" as valid. Your opinions ignore two very important facts.

1) Our primary complaint with the school has been with your personal actions, style and administration, not with the school as an institution. After consulting with several individuals regarding the incoming administration, and after fully considering all the facts at hand, we determined that the next administration would return to the tradition or caring, rational and empathic headmasters that the school has had over the 24 years of [our] family involvement. Thus, we regard your administration as a regrettable aberration that will soon be over, and that next year, we can return to our normal level of respect and participation in the school community. Put bluntly, next year our problem with the school, you, will be gone, and we can start all over again.

2) The school offered [Tigger] a place, and we accepted via a signed contract. As noted in several places, this contract is binding upon the parents, but is also binding upon the school. [Tigger] can only be expelled through a long established process, which has most definitely not been followed. We have never indicated to you or any other administrator our desire to remove him from school. On the contrary, our previous correspondence has always indicated our anticipation of your departure, and a return to normalcy next year. Your "decision" is being taken at such a time as to severely limit our options for [Tigger]'s placement in other schools, and as such would severely damage his education. Once again, you have shown your disregard for the welfare of students. If you wished to encourage us to place [Tigger] in a different school, this issue should have been discussed well before the contracts were issued.

In separate correspondence, we are formally protesting your "decision" to the Board of Trustees, and requesting that your "decision" be overruled.

We regard this as a last gasp in a long stream of irrational and hate filled actions on your part. We eagerly look forward to your departure so that the school can return to its tradition of excellence.



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