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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Flar's volleys, or: my man can write
The sleep-over kids are all gone; the family room is one very large, neatly stacked, pile of games and two medium, neatly stacked, piles of magazines (most of which I intend to box up and store in the library) away from being All The Way Clean; the kitchen is back to ordinary one-day-of-use level of clean. We have no party related backlog, and all that cries out for general cleaning is the top of the jacuzzi.

I've left messages for the two parties that Flar wanted me to try to contact by phone today, I'm printing out letters that he's composed for me to send to the President of the Board of Trustees and to Umbridge.

I'm now going to immerse myself in others people's lives, by catching up on LJ. A quick scan indicates I'm up to skip=125, to get to material that I've read.

Then I'll sleep. With nothing scheduled for tomorrow, I even get to sleep in.

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Go Flar! Very nicely written letters!

Excellent, excellent letters! I really admire the respectful honesty, and that you refused to back down...

Tigger has great role models in both of you...



Heh. That'll learn 'em. ; )

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