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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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few words

house, as usual, cleaner hours after it started than before the first guest arrives.

Would have been a great party. Great day.

Note to self: mail isn't always friendly.

The letter from Umbridge:

Dear [me] & [Flar],

[The business manager] has informed me that you had planned to re-enroll
[Tigger] at TLS next fall. I was surprised, knowing your displeasure
with us over a number of issues this year: the termination of 9th
grade, the new dress code, 8th grade English, chess club, etc.

After careful thought, I have concluded that it is in
[Tigger]'s best interest and the school's that he not re-enroll for
next fall.

When the views of the parents and school conflict on many
issues, the child is aware of it, and his education is unavoidably

[Flar], I know that you are a graduate of TLS, and I am
therefore particularly regretful about the need to make this decision.

We wish both your boys well with their further education.



CC: [Head of Middle School]
[Head of Lower School]
[President of Board of trustees]
Executive Committee

Kind of threw me off. Called Flar, who was outraged, and told me to make a few calls to try to arrange meetings for when he is back. Vented to Wolf and Sydb, who were online. Cried a lot. We have a big house. The sleep-over mostly runs itself.

Caught up on dishes, mail, papers, coupons, and tables. The kitchen table currently has sorted piles so when I can think again, I can finish it off: bills to post, things to email Flar about, things to read, and things to do that aren't bills-related.

I never got to the top of the jacuzzi, so there's still laundry (only mine) to fold.

I got the rest of the toilets and sinks cleaned before the party got going, and if I touch them up on Friday, then I'll add bathroom fixtures to my caught up checklist.

Two of the kids are leaving the house at 9am. My radio is coming on (very loudly) at 7.

I predict sleeping for tomorrow. Around calling the president of the board of trustees, and a couple of other people that Flar suggested I call.

And picking up my car. Grace is going to drop me off.


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*hug* hang in there chiclet!

*hug* What a horrible letter to ruin your day. Good luck making phone calls today.


Termination of 9th grade? Odd thing for a school to do. Good luck with the calls!

*hugs* That letter sounds horrible- in effect punishing Tigger because you were willing to voice your opinions as good parents (you are involved in your children's educations, unlike a lot of parents).

The lawyer in Blues of course wonders if you have a legal claim, but you may not want to pursue that avenue. Either way, if I can help (including being a sounding board) let me know.

I'm so sorry that you have to deal with this.

I hope they'll see reason, but in your back pocket you should keep the words, "breach of good faith." Even in the case where a decision like this is totally in someone's discretion, there's an obligation to exercise that discretion in good faith. Refusing to enroll a child because of arguments with the parents doesn't sound like good faith to me.

Hugs, and good luck.


*HUGS* That is just so wrong. *HUGS*

On the plus side, at least Umbridge is the interim person, and she shouldn't be there when the new school year starts.


I'm trying to think of a level in which this is not completely wrong. How dare you have an interest in your child's education? How dare you have an opinion against our ideas? How dare you challenge us to make sure we are thinking? This is nineteen kinds of suck, and I hope Flar gives em hell.

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