Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

My Thursday

While Flar is in Brazil, I'm writing him daily email. This journal entry is adapted from that mail...

No checks in the mail today. One bill.

I fixed bagel sandwiches for breakfast this morning, dropped off the boys at TLS, then drove over to Mook's. LaDonna and Jeshua picked me up and Jeshua dropped us at the bowling alley.

Prez and I played the second place team today, and took over second place by winning 3 out of 4 points. yay!

Spydielives drove LaDonna and I home from bowling, but I left my keys (with driver license) in her car, so I ended up driving to Winchester on my way to pick up the boys.

On my way to Winchester, I dropped by KU to pick up a free redbud tree. They gave me six. Flar's dad would like one, there's a lady at bowling who asked me to pick one up for her, and Tigger would like to plant one of them himself, in addition to the one we plant. Which leaves two free for good homes. (Wolf turned me down, but Sydb still have first dibs if she overturns him.)

I asked Flar in email where to plant our redbud, and promised to consult with him before agreeing to whereever Tigger picks out for his.

The trees are yearlings, about 2 feet tall.

After bowling, we picked up dog food and came on home.

I got a call from the guy at Mook's. Not only does my car need front brakes and rotors, it also needs new lower ball joint(s?) and rear brakes and wheel cylinders. The grand total is a little over 1K. He said I could hold off 3-5K miles on the rear brakes, but he didn't like to hear about me driving the van out of the shop with the other necessary repairs. That kicked the price down to the 700 ballpark. I arranged to give him a check for $150, a credit card for another $300, and pay him the balance in 4 weeks. Since car places don't ordinarily extend personal credit like this, I felt brave for asking, and pleased that he accepted. Anyway, I'm going to go by tomorrow to pay for the car, and arrange to get a ride over there to pick it up after the sleepover.

Tigger had a school project due tomorrow: a family tree. So I called Flar's dad to get info from him, and called my mom for that side of the family.

We only have one person in the whole tree actually born in TX? *gasp*

Tigger then told me that the purpose of the exercise was to find out about relatives who were born in other countries. So I had him print out the histories of The Republic of Texas and The Conch Republic, and pointed out that we had two family members born in other countries. (The tree is a simple one, without siblings, so I couldn't use my brother being born in the Philippines as a real example.)

Helping Tigger with his homework put me late to work, but even though I clocked in at 6:22, I was done by 10:27. Which gave me time to make lists for tomorrow, write email to Flar, and go to sleep "early."



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