Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

Two Busy Days

In list form, since it boils down to lists in the paragraphs, anyway:


  1. The blue bathroom is clean.
    • I washed the windows and got Knight to assemble the new stool.
    • I cleaned all the candle holders, the toilet, the sink and the floor.
    • I intend to keep up with toilets and sinks on Fridays from now on.
  2. I fixed the marinade for the pork chops.
  3. I ran 3 loads of laundry.
    • I folded & put away one (from last week - towels)
    • and sorted & hung out two (colors &
    • I ended the day with whites in the dryer.
  4. I picked up the boys at school and ran errands.
    • I picked up new contacts for Flar.
    • I took Critter to Staples for some school supplies.
    • I cashed a check from the farmer who leases our tobacco base.
  5. Ooh! Colorful! The UPS man brought me a present from Canuckgirl! (Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!)
  6. I opened the mail - no new bills
  7. I updated quicken with checks from the errands.
  8. I fixed Coriander Porks chops, wild rice and green beans for dinner.
  9. I discussed finances with Flar and printed checks.
  10. I got lists ready for Wednesday's errands, and ran my bath at the same time.

    It turns out that this was a grave tactical error; I had to drain the tub and start over, much too close to the start time for phone call, so most of the time that I was talking to Wolf, I was in cool water.

  11. I had a nice phone call with Wolf and then ran enough hot water to be warm enough to get out of the bath. ;)
  1. I started two more loads of laundry and read the paper before I left the house for more errands.
    • USDA Service Center - to sign the tobacco base lease
    • Post Office
    • Sam's Club
    • Allergist
    • Cleaners
    • Krogers

      I filled the cart. Over half the weight was sodas, and a large portion of it was snacks. I bought ham and beef and laundry supplies. But the total was much less than I was anticipating, and I was done a half hour earlier than I'd expected. Sweet.

  2. At home I shared a Kroger deli Hot Brown with Flar, while he went over deposits that he expected for while he's gone.
  3. I moved the laundry one step and started a third load.
  4. We loaded up Flar's luggage and left for car-line.
  5. After we picked up the boys, we dropped Flar off at the airport for his flight to Brazil.
  6. On the way to the airport, Opman called me to have me stay home from work tonight. He promised me a full night of work tomorrow, though.
  7. I filled up Flar's car on the way home. I've got to remember that mine still needs gas, in the morning.
  8. At home, I caught up with email & LJ while cooking dinner: Beans N Franks and Mac N Cheese.
  9. Two bills in the mail and no checks; I put it aside until tomorrow afternoon.
  10. Now I'm supervising the boys, while they clean the family room. This morning, the contractors finished putting up the new ceiling fan. I've got Critter vacuuming, so that we can move the coffee table back to its place, and replace the cubbyhole contents.
  11. I've got one more load of laundry to run tonight, and the boys will have their choice of tonight or tomorrow night for sorting and putting away their clothes, since all that's left in the laundry queue is dog/cleaning towels and rugs.
  12. Since I'm not at work tonight, we *may* get to play a game after the family room is clean (it's almost done). After the boys go to bed, I'm going to get on AIM in case anyone is around to chat with.
  13. I've just realized that being home instead of at work sidetracked my intention to call and check on Ro, after her surgery. I'll call as soon as the vaccuum noise is over.

Two busy days, in a nutshell.

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