Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

Is late. Will be brief.

I went straight to car-line from Louisville, and clipped coupons while I waited for the boys. I still need to sort them, buy they're easier to carry around now.

Flar asked me to make dinner tonight, but the pork chops are supposed to marinate for 6 hours, so I punted. That was the last dinner left, but there was one piece of fish left. I left him a note (and followed up with a phone call), threw junk food in my backpack for my dinner, and left for work.

I used up all available work in 45 minutes. Details wasn't in tonight at all. I decided to take my dinner back home with me to eat it, and I was home by 6:30. I ate my junk food while Flar was fixing his dinner.

We talked about the schedule for fixing things up around the house. I traded Mother's Day weekend for our Wedding Anniversary weekend for cleaning out the pantry so that it can be "mouse-proofed" and additional shelving installed. I've asked Flar to spear-head the boys doing something nice for me on Mother's Day, and I'm even scampering to Louisvile that Friday/Saturday to give them privacy to implement any nefarious plans. Which means we're going to work most of our anniversary weekend on the pantry, but I'll fix him a nifty dinner Sunday night, and we'll see what comes of that...

Flar (re?)sent me email (that I never saw, the first time around) with a list of what's being done to the house, including comments about what's already done. I replied to that with general time-managment discussions related to why I can't magically clean sweeping gobs of the house quickly. Said discussion being a pretty good reference for me to build useful Things To Do lists, and keep on track.

I decided to use my time tonight to tackle getting Caught Up, and started with the dishes. After that, I opened all the mail, which then gave me an excuse to start up the computer.

I read email, and starting chatting with Wolf and Sydb, and eventually Ro. I updated Quicken while I was chatting, and printed out reports for Flar. Wolf has gotten GPG, so I rummaged around. I couldn't find my old copy of PGP with keys, so I installed a copy of PGP that I found laying about, and made a new key.

In Wolf's journal, Lothie made a suggestion about putting the public key on your userinfo page, but I couldn't figure out how she had done it. Once she lets me in on the method, that's how I'll make my key public.

I've read my email, I've read Wolf's and Sydb's journals, and I've posted. I'm sure I'll find an excuse tomorrow to catch up with everyone else.


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