Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

my weekend

I'm still in Louisville, but I have to leave soon.

I've had a wonderful weekend.

With the taxes out of the way on Friday, I had the leisure to catch up on reading email and LJ, and to finish up the PWP invitation. I caught up on entering bills and receipts into Quicken, and washed all the hand-wash dishes. I folded all of my clothes from this week's laundry, and cleared off the top of the jacuzzi. And I got the car loaded with most of what I was taking with me to Louisville, before it was time to pick up the boys.

After school & chess club Friday night the boys helped me cook Filet Mignon with Brandy Cream Sauce, Four Veggie Roast and wild rice for dinner. Then it was time for me to leave for Louisville.

I hadn't anticipated Thunder traffic in my plans. I supposed I was lucky that it merely crowded the roads, without actually affecting travel speed. But I arrived tired, to two tired spice who were also at the end of a long day. Friday night's sleep was much needed.

Saturday we had a fairly lazy day. Wolf fixed yummy food. I did dishes. Wolf mowed the lawn - and trimmed the bushes in front. We all played with Roo. Wolf and I played Gobblets. I won a number of times, and Wolf declared me to be a better player. I think by the time we played a few more times on Sunday, that he's figured out better strategy than I have, though.

We went for a nice walk around the neighborhood. The weather has been wonderful, and it makes me wish I don't sunburn so easily, and that I'm not allergic to so many tree pollens. There are so many beautiful gardens in this neighborhood.

Saturday night we watched Baseketball before bed.

Sunday morning I fixed breakfast. We had a fairly lesiurely morning, and then Sydb was getting ready for going shopping with her mom and taking Roo with her. The shopping trip was to take place after Roo was properly napped, so we ate lunch, and then got a short nap ourselves, before it was time for Sydb to wake Roo and go shopping.

Wolf cleaned the kitchen table and family room while I did a few more dishes, the bathroom, and then vaccuumed. Anytime I help clean I called dibs on dishes and the bathroom, because they are simply the easiest tasks. Their bathroom is always practically spotless to start with, so it's just a matter of empyting the trash can, then spraying and wiping to rid the room of invisible germs. I'm determined that the next item I add to my "caught up checklist" will be cleaning the bathrooms. I know mine would be just as easy to keep up with on a weekly basis; I just need to make it a priority.

Games Night was fun, but short. I got to participate in a game of Robo Rally. I think the rest of the crowd played Facts in Five. It was fun to play Robo Rally with grown adults who were actually trying. Now if only I'd gotten dealt better cards...

Also nifty was the food. We ordered Chinese, and Beclectic shared Moo Shu Pork with me - my favorite, but usually too large to order for just one person. So I got yummy moo shu and dumplings, and leftover moo shu for breakfast this morning.

Games Night ended early enough that we had time for another walk in the neighborhood. This time, to Kroger to pick up a few things. I bought a flower for Wolf to plant out front.

After Roo went to bed, we watched the Powerpuff Girls movie. Bubbles is adorably cute, and the storyline was decent.

We got a decent amount of sleep last night, and I got to wake up for Wolf to go to work. But then Sydb let me sleep in later than I expected.

so, a nice restful weekend.

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