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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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still hot
My temperature's been fluctuating all over the map (98.8 to 100.7), but if I were in kindergarten, I couldn't go to school tomorrow. So I'll hie me to the doctor, instead. It'd be nice if there were any other symptoms to go on.

And I've managed to set a rather high average to live up to in the morning summer league. 163 136 176 yields a 158 average. Yikes! I hate it that I generally bowl better when I'm sick.

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They don't go by your book average? How does that work, once you've been bowling more than one season? My average stayed exactly the same..it went from 83, peaked at either 85 or 86, then back down to 83 by the time I couldn't bowl anymore. I'm hoping that puts me in a good position to get "most improved" this coming Fall. ;)

Each league sets their own policy for entering average. Some leagues use last years' average (or highest year-book average, for new bowlers); others set the average in the first week of bowling. The latter method is common in summer leagues, as some people only bowling during the summer, and reaching last years' final average may be a stretch for them.

It gets a little sticky when computing most improved bowler. The average to be compared against the final average must have at least 21 games in it. So last season's final average would be used, rather than the average established at the beginning of the season. Or, the 7th week average, for new bowlers.

And that rule is modified by the length of the season. In leagues which bowl 30 games or less, only 12 games are required in the average to compare with final average.

So, no matter what your new league uses for entering average, you'll be comparing your final average against 83 next year. Assuming your league secretary files the appropriate paperwork, and your average gets into the yearbook.

I am sure our secretary is going to file all the right paperwork...she definitely has it. At the awards night, everyone got a sheet of all their individual scores for the whole league, and each team also got one for the team. In addition, we got a financial report showing us how the money was spent, etc., so she's got all the info.

Sounds like she's got her act together. Nifty. :)

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