Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

Migraine day

It's gone now. Mostly. Still felt queasy when I sat down to read LJ, actually.

I woke up with the same headache that's been building its thundercloud for the whole weekend. Today it had achieved stormy migraine badness. Dizziness and nausea that would have made me suspect my chaste hug with Wolf Saturday, had it not been for the headache that explained all.

In spite of the headache, and after showering didn't help, I:
  • printed 30 pages of register listings for Flar to use for taxes
  • washed dishes
  • posted all the receipts and bills (but not checks), and found two bills that needed paying today (local ones that I could pay on the way home from school)
  • talked to Wolf on the phone
  • chatted with Sydb online
  • printed over 44 postcard invitations to the chess club sleepover
  • fixed tortellini for lunch and shrimp for dinner
  • exchanged 2 gallons of water in the aquarium (Tigger helps with that)
  • worked over six hours

I'm caught up with LJ and email and dishes and mail and quicken (almost). I'm starting laundry a day early this week, as well as running errands tomorrow, then I'm skipping town for an overnight in Louisville for Stamp Club and a chance to sleep with Wolf and Sydb. It's been ages and ages.

Tired now. Much to do tomorrow.

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