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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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the excrutiatingly boring kind of sick
I was in bed all day, yesterday. Fever. (low - only 99.0 to 100.5, but I generally run 97.6 - 98.0) Headache. (but not really migraine. Thought it was the fever. Took excedrin at bedtime and it hasn't come back.) While I was languishing in bed, people were cleaning my house -- it was work weekend. Ro stayed with me a bunch, which was good 'cause I get lonely when I'm sick. Knight and Ro fed Bosco for me, and picked up Cinder at the airport. I worry about having seen Wolf and Sydb and hope I didn't pass anything along.

So I figured with Flar working out of town today I'd be dooming the dogs to a whole day pinned up if I didn't get up. Woke up with 99.5; it had dropped to 99.0 by the time I'd walked the dogs and read my email and caught up on Live Journal. So I figured, stay out of bed, just be low energy today. Now it's up to 100.0 and I'm thinking nap is good.

My chest is a little sore, but I don't *feel* infection anywhere in my body. Not even achy joints that usually go with fever.

I finished Kiss of Shadows (a reread) and Caress of Twilight yesterday. Back to reading The First Man in Rome today -- much more conducive to napping, really.

Gonna bring a finger craft project to bed for when I'm restless and can't read.

I hate being sick. Especially the kind that seems like I should just ignore. Except when I do, it appears to be worse.

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Is the First Man in Rome any good? What's it about (besides 350 pages)? Bibliophiles wish to know!

350 pages? I'm on 532, and only about 2/3rds through it.

It takes place a couple of generations before the Julius Ceasar we learned about in school (there are apparently bunches of them -- three so far, in this book) -- I got that out of Matt, who's read the sequels.

There's a general named Marius who used a Head Count Army for the first time, and succeeded in his campaign in Africa. He's been given the task of beating back the "Germans" (in this case, more like swedes, etc.) and made history by being elected Consul in absentia, within 3 years of being consul, which frequency was also against tradition. Marius is a New Man, not of the established aristocracy, and destined for greatness. But I don't think he's going to be the First Man in Rome.

There's another fella named Sulla (hey all the names are at least three or four long), who is of the old aristocracy, but started out dirt poor until he lucked into a couple of inheritances and an alliance with Marius. He's probably going to end up being the First Man, but I'm not so sure, really.

Slow reading. Mostly the names are slowing me down, and it's full of exposition about how Rome worked at the time.


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