Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

The meaning of Fully Booked

In my post about my day, I described Flar as a Fully Booked Consultant.

This is cool.

This means half again more income than we need to pay our "normal" bills, which means money for paying down debt.

The next two weeks are still a bit dicey, with taxes and school tuition and enrollment fee and first mortgage being the big ticket items.

But after that, the cash flow should have established, and when Flar gets back from his next trip to Brazil, we're going to sit down and decide on our repayment plan.

Once the credit cards are paid off, being Fully Booked then means income twice our regular bills. Which means that we can afford a car loan to buy me a new van, and we can afford to do things we've been putting off, like maintenance on my old car, fixing up things around the house, and then starting back in on the remodelling.


And the cool part? All of his booked work is either in Lexington or Brazil. Sweet.
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